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[Svo] Engine Rebuild Parts FAQ {2}

On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> Head gasket:
> The wammy new FelPro is supposed to be the one to have.  But it's
> expensive, like over $40.
> So I'll be using the Detroit brand gasket from Nick for the forseeable
> future.  Joe is just now installing it.
> The Fel Pro blue, is the Ford MotorSport, and stock SVO part.  The grey
> Felpro is rumoured to not be so good in our application.
I thought Joe was getting the new Felpro gasket..atleast thats what I
thought he said yesterday..But the Felpro blue is prolly jus fine for most
cars on this list.  I run one on the pinto with no probs.
> Camshafts 
> Non-roller:
> Stock later SVO, or Merkur XR4ti 5 speed, or Engle TCS-55.  All good, all
> cheap.
> Roller:
> NIck's stage one roller.
> I don't recommend ANY other cam for the 2.3 turbo.

Lest we not forget Joe is working with WebCam rite now designing roller
cams for the 2.3. Still in the early stages, but Joe hopes to make a
roller for the 2.3 that actually works.  I think it will be good to have
the input of someone who actually races on the developement of a race

> Head bolts or studs
> Nick says studs are for people with lots of mods. But you can use them, if
> they help your confidence.  They aren't gonna cure or contain detonation,
> though.
Head studs are nice if for no other reason that if you pull the head
frequently, the head bolts get expensive.  Head studs are reusuable...

> The stainless steel gasket, and any parts of the turbo are readily
> available from your favorite turbo remanufacturer.  I use Turbo Auto for
> stuff like this.
cool thing for people that dont have a local turbo shop is they hardly
ever go bad, unless a bolt is loose.

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