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[Svo] What is this turbo? {2}

At 12:05 AM 10/27/97 -0500, Chris Costanzo wrote:
>        Hi Everyone,
>  I was digging through my parts pile looking for a turbo for Tim.  Well, I
>found one that is confusing.  My other 2 turbo's say Garret on the
>compresser housing, and one said AR .60 (couldn't read the other one too
>well since it's still on the motor).  This turbo is a water cooled unit and
>the compresser housing is marked AR .63, but it also has a tag on it.  The
>tag says Garret, but has a Ford part#, and the housing says Air Research.
>What the hell is this thing?  The part#'s are   E3ZE-9G438-AF     465978-5
>MF3765.   Is this one of the upgrade turbo's that Motorsport offered a few
>years ago, or is it just a replacement turbo?  Any ideas?
>                                                        Bug Bug

Geeze Louise Bug Bug -- I thought you knew everything! 

Garrett Air Research made the turbos for Ford. They came with a tiny metal
tag glued to the thing somewhere, and sometimes they fall off. So they will
usually say Garret Air Research in the casting somewhere, and I think it's
the tiny metal tag that actually says Ford, with a Ford part number.

AR .63 or AR .60 is the one for the later SVOs like Tim's '85.5 or
'86...which is also correct if it's water cooled.

The AR number is usually stamped inside the metal whatsits tube that
connects to lower intercooler hose. The exact spec. I don't know which is
exactly right, but the early SVOs I believe had a .48 housing....but don't
quote me on this.

If it was a Ford replacement turbo -- bought over the parts counter, it
should be "remanufactured" and say such -- and have an adjustable wastegate

I have a part number (somewhere) of my replacement Ford Turbo -- if I find
it tonight, I'll e-mail you.

But it is entirely possible -- if you don't know the origin of it -- that
it could be any combination of parts.

Let's ask mike@mustangsvo.org -- he knows all -- and he'll tell me I'm full
of crap!