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[Svo] What is this turbo? {2}

>Geeze Louise Bug Bug -- I thought you knew everything! 

        Well, not EVERYTHING :)
>Garrett Air Research made the turbos for Ford.
>AR .63 or AR .60 is the one for the later SVOs like Tim's '85.5 or
>'86...which is also correct if it's water cooled.

        Damn, I forgot Garret and Air Research became the same company.
>If it was a Ford replacement turbo -- bought over the parts counter, it
>should be "remanufactured" and say such -- and have an adjustable wastegate
        I looked into it, and it is not a Motorsport part.  The 4th letter
of the part# would be an M if it was.  I do believe it is a replacement
turbo though, but I'll check for the adjustable rod.

BTW- Sorry the message got sent 3 times, but my E-mail takes a lunch break
on occasion, and forgets to come back :)   Thanks.