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[Svo] What is this turbo? {3}

Hey guys, why doesn't anyone rebuild their Turbos themselves?  It really
isn't that big of a deal.  If you buy a rebuild kit I think you can get away
with only spending $100 if your housing isn't cracked (a little crack near
the wastegate is normal though, as long as it's not too big).  I must be
honest though.  I have taken apart my Garrett and don't know the exact
torque specs for all the housing bolts and what kind of sealant they use on
the bolts(I'm still in the process).  Has anyone done this besides me?  It
can't be that big of a deal.  Comments, suggestions, BS?
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Date: Monday, October 27, 1997 4:56 PM
Subject: [Svo] What is this turbo? {2}

>>Geeze Louise Bug Bug -- I thought you knew everything!
>        Well, not EVERYTHING :)
>>Garrett Air Research made the turbos for Ford.
>>AR .63 or AR .60 is the one for the later SVOs like Tim's '85.5 or
>>'86...which is also correct if it's water cooled.
>        Damn, I forgot Garret and Air Research became the same company.
>>If it was a Ford replacement turbo -- bought over the parts counter, it
>>should be "remanufactured" and say such -- and have an adjustable
>        I looked into it, and it is not a Motorsport part.  The 4th letter
>of the part# would be an M if it was.  I do believe it is a replacement
>turbo though, but I'll check for the adjustable rod.
>BTW- Sorry the message got sent 3 times, but my E-mail takes a lunch break
>on occasion, and forgets to come back :)   Thanks.