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[Svo] What is this turbo? {4}

At 17:11 10/27/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Hey guys, why doesn't anyone rebuild their Turbos themselves?  It really
>isn't that big of a deal.  If you buy a rebuild kit I think you can get away
>with only spending $100 if your housing isn't cracked (a little crack near
>the wastegate is normal though, as long as it's not too big).  I must be
>honest though.  I have taken apart my Garrett and don't know the exact
>torque specs for all the housing bolts and what kind of sealant they use on
>the bolts(I'm still in the process).  Has anyone done this besides me?  It
>can't be that big of a deal.  Comments, suggestions, BS?

I've got an article from a few years ago. The disassembly process isn't that
difficult, nor is it hard to get replacement seals.

As I understand it, the trick is in getting the balance on the impeller correct.
That's where the expensive hardware comes in. If you are simply replacing seals
you might be able to get away with not re-balancing the unit, but if it has had 
impeller to housing contact - ouch.

At least this is the conventional wisdom I have seen in print, not having any 
more advanced texts on turbos. 

Having heard that the balance is so critical, I've also seen it written that 
anything which alters the balance will lead to turbo self-destruct in short 
order by causing accellerated wear on the shaft and bearings.

For instance, excessive oil contamination cooking onto the impeller and
altering the balance.... 

I had a case I'm sure is familiar to everyone - the factory valve seals were bad
and there would always be a good cloud of smoke on a hot start. I couldn't get
around to tearing into the car for almost 6 months, and I was sure that the 
burned oil was contaminating the turbo, and it wouldn't be long before it went 
to Valhalla.  That was 5 years and 50K miles ago. 

I'm still running the same turbo.

On the thought that the impeller/housing contact is the last gasp before 
major failure, several times over the past year I've heard a little tinkling 
sound when I'm really standing on it. 

Again, I keep waiting for major turbo CATO, but knock on wood... it hasn't
happened yet.

I would prefer to get my existing unit rebuilt rather than exchanged after my
experiences with 'rebuilt' alternators from earlier this year.


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