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[Svo] No power up a hill? {1}

   Ok guys here is the situation.  As I was driving my SVO up a hill, which I
was cruising in 4th about 2300rpm and having the turbo on spool (could be
heard by it's distinct noise) I naturally started to go slower as the incline
increased, so while this turbo is in spool and slowly give it gas in order to
go faster up this hill (still in fourth).  I watched both the boost guage and
rpm guage and rather them both go up, it was not going anywhere (maybe a
little down onthe rpm).  As I gradualy gave it more gas, eventually flooring
it, the car would not make any power going up this hill.  I was still around
2000-2300 rpm and my boost was a mere 3-4psi. Could this be the VAM?  I 've
experienced this problem before in 5th cruising on the highway and when
needed to accelerate from low rpm or going a slight incline - forget it.  On
the level streets, it works fine when I floor it.  If I remember correctly
during this no power mode, I have to downshift in order to get the revs up
and then it will start to build boost.  A flat spot in the VAM from 2000 -
2500/3000 rpm?  Does anyone have an SVO VAM I could test out to see if this
is my problem ( can;t pull codes - still can;t find the pig tail connector)?
 Maybe it is the BAP?  Any suggestions/comments? Thank You.

'86 SVO