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Re: [4 Svo] Porting the intakes


The E-0940 runs around $32 or so...it's the same one they use on the newer
Mustangs.  I'll check at Ford, because K&N probably doesn't have a listing
yet for the SVT.

I took my head over to Web-Cam today to check out the cam geometry stuff
on a "prepped" head.  The base circle is a little bit smaller (~.025), so
it's not gonna just "drop-in" in most cases.  The whole thing is really a
pain-in-the-ass...;)  Actually, you need to check that stuff on any cam,
but since this one is a "from scratch" deal, we have to check even closer.

Steve (and I) are kindof concerned that if we start selling a cam for
these that actually needs to be "fitted" to work properly (actually, any
aftermarket cam needs to be checked), people won't do it -- they'll just
slap it in and not check the clearances or the geometry and not have a
pleasant experience...the "bonehead factor".

I just want a roller that will work as well (or a little better) than the
Engle, and I'm willing to do what I have to to make it right -- I'm
worried that a lot of people won't be willing to.

It's like the deal with the headpipes...I had a few people that were
talking about them, but they wanted them to bolt to the stock 2.25"
exhaust...sheeeeeesh...why even put a nice headpipe on it if you're not
gonna go all the way and do a nice back end?  I never could get a
consensus on how to "terminate" them, so we never made any -- I'm just not
interested in the "wanna-be" market, I just wanted to help out the people
that had a hard time finding a shop to make the merge from 2.5 out to
3" just down from the turbo...the rest is ridiculously easy -- anyone
with a hacksaw and a MIG can do it in an hour.

Talk to you soon,