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[Svo] SVO WHEEL REFINISH & door hinge kits {2}

Mike, thanks for the compliment. I dont mind being picked on, everyone does
it. The big exhaust tip is gone(replaced by dual 2 1/2 pipes and MAC FLow
paths) The boomin stereo was retained by previous owner/butcher.
Unfortunately until I repaint it, I am left with these god awful white
stripes over the top of the car :( , but its still fun to drive.
On the subject of wheel refinishing, Stuart has not given me a time limit on
this deal, so if some of you want to wait, thats fine. I will hopefully have
some pics soon of before and after shots. Maybe when I get them, Dave could
post them on his web page for everyone :). My wheels wont get done till after
my recovery from surgery tommorrow for my hernia :(. 

Bright red 86 (with 2 white skid marks accross the top)