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[Svo] Valve Seals -- was PCV valve question... {3}

At 01:36 PM 10/28/97 -0700, Rod Lilak wrote:
>I don't know about the PCV, but if you've got an 84-85 SVO or Turbo Coupe
>they were notorious for having problems with the valve seals which resulted
>in smoke on startup. 
>Most everyone I know in this area has had them replaced by now.

Right -- also '86 SVOs....they all had "rubber-like" (for lack of the
correct term) seals. Notorious for the blue puff on startup. Problem is,
it's not just a blue puff that you have to worry about....chunks of the
seals start breaking loose -- and they're hard after a while....like 10
years and 100,000 miles!

Since then Ford revised the valve seals so that it is constructed of a
metal "cap" with "rubber-like" stuff, but there are concerns of lubrication
or some other problems with these I believe -- Nick was telling me about
them and I think uses something else in his heads -- Nick? Where are you???