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[Svo] Need info. on changing roller cam timing {7}

The motor has our big valve head, our roller camshaft, we ported and polished
the head, exhaust manifold and intake maifold. [ we do,alot of work to the
upper manifold] Our 3'' exhaust system, our intercooler system, we balanced
and blue printed the shortblock, 255 hp chip, stock 35 lbs injectors, T-Bird
VAF, stock turbo set @ 17 lbs of boost.
After he ran the car he found the throttle cable was not opending all of the
way. The two bolts that hold the cable to the upper manifold had backed off.
He will be going back to see what he makes at FULL WOT.
I do not think that it will make much more top end power do to the lack of
fuel. I do think the lowend and midrange will be even stronger. This is why
we like our roller camshaft so much. I still have not seen this much power
being made at the lowend while still makeing strong  V-8 power like at the
top end. Plus the idle is great, it will never wipe out, and it will pass any
tailpipe test.