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[Svo] SVO Wheel Protection {2}

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> Top Secret stuff here -- to keep your clearcoat wheels looking good --
> especially those of you with newly refinished wheels -- there's going to be
> a Wheel Polish for Clearcoated Wheels debuted at the upcoming SEMA show in
> Las Vegas.
> And related to that, use only a mild wheel cleaner -- one specifically for
> clearcoated wheels -- such as Mothers Wheel Mist (in the YELLOW bottle).
> NEVER use an acid based wheel cleaner on your clearcoated aluminum wheels
> -- it will severely damage the finish.
I was jus thinkin about this....clear coated wheels, clear coated
paint(body).  Whats the difference between cleaning the body and the
wheels,  as long as it is done often enuff that there is not buildup of
crap caked all over the wheels.

But it seems to me it should be the same to clean a wheel as it is to
clean the body on the average car and if regular soap cleans the paint it
should clean the clearcoat.

Am I missin something?

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