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[Svo] What is this turbo? {5}

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Rod Lilak wrote:

> On the thought that the impeller/housing contact is the last gasp before 
> major failure, several times over the past year I've heard a little tinkling 
> sound when I'm really standing on it. 
> Again, I keep waiting for major turbo CATO, but knock on wood... it hasn't
> happened yet.
if you have a good supply of oil and stuff, its not jus gonna explode and
go out, like a rod.  it will jus get gradually worse, burn more oil, and
cost more money on the rebuild.  Chances are now, your impeller and
turbine are reusable.  Keep it up for a little longer, your impeller will
be trash, and a little after that the turbine will be garbage too..

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