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[Svo] Headliners and visors {2}

 You are half correct, the 84 S.V.O.'s all used vinyl material on the
headliners and sun visor whether it was a sunroof or non-sunroof
model.Starting in 85 the non-sunroof S.V.O.'s had cloth headliners with
vinyl sunvisors, and the sunroof models had vinyl on both headliner and
sunvisors.Starting in 86 the lighted mirror sunvisors went into production
and all S.V.O.'s had the cloth lighted mirror sunvisors with non-sunroof
models having cloth headliners and sunroof models having vinyl.It is
interesting to note that Ford advertised the lighted mirror sunvisors for
the 85.5 models but I have not seen one yet on anybody elses or the two
sitting in my garage.
                                                      Own or have owned the
                                                       85.5 (2)
                                                       86 (3)         
At 10:12 AM 10/26/97 -0500, Dave Compton wrote:
>>> There's nothing to really research -- 
>I disagree.  We should have a survey.  Any body want to write the HTML?
>>>Non-lighted visors matched the headliner -- either vinyl (with sunroof)
>cloth (no sunroof).
>>>> All non-sunroof cars had cloth headliners.
>My December 84 SVO had vinyl visors, a vinyl headliner, and no sunroof, and
>no "catch" for the visors.
>And that stuff is so butt ugly I replaced it the first weekend I had the
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