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[Svo] Boost Solenoid {1}

I sent this before but never saw it show up, so I am resending......

I noticed that when I ran my turbo boost lines over to the solenoid on the
fender of my 84 SVO, I was get less boost then I use too; roughly 7 PSI.  I
put a line straight across the turbo, bypass the solenoid on the fender, and
it appears to be giving me the proper boost again; roughly 10 PSI.  Does this
indicate that the solenoid is bad or something else?  Also, can you get the
solenoid through Ford or somewhere else?

How are people getting the codes from their cars?  Do people have there own
system for pulling codes from the car and if so, what does it take and how
much does it cost to aquire the neccessary hardware/software?

I also have a place local to me that I had me steering wheel recovered that I
might be able to get a deal through.  Please e-mail me if you are interested
and I can see what I can do.  It turned out really nice and he used bull hide
which was a lot thicker then the original leather.  The color matches the
center horn pad great.