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[Svo] Boost Solenoid {2}

RaceSVO@aol.com wrote:
> I sent this before but never saw it show up, so I am resending......

Cool, I never saw it before either.  Dave swears it all gets through
eventually, but I don't know...;-)

> I noticed that when I ran my turbo boost lines over to the solenoid on the
> fender of my 84 SVO, I was get less boost then I use too; roughly 7 PSI.  I
> put a line straight across the turbo, bypass the solenoid on the fender, and
> it appears to be giving me the proper boost again; roughly 10 PSI.  Does this
> indicate that the solenoid is bad or something else?  Also, can you get the
> solenoid through Ford or somewhere else?

I've only been around a few SVOs, but I've never seen an early model yet
that the solenoid was working right on.  Mine never did, Chris Roth's
85 didn't either.  I don't know the answer, because I just bypassed it
and never worried about it again.  I think your boost gauge might be
off though (or else mine is).  Mine went to 13 or 14 as soon as I
bypassed the solenoid.