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[Svo] Boost Solenoid {3}

Mike Ray wrote:
> If you bypass the solenoid you should have 10 lbs of boost with the
> factory tee on the turbo. With all working correctly, about 14 psi When
> the switch in the Premium position. 10psi in the regular position.

I don't understand the 85.5+ system very well, but I'm pretty familiar
with the older system and how it works.  I don't understand how what
you're saying could work.  Once the solenoid is bypassed, your computer
has no control over the boost...it will always boost to the maximum
as controlled by the orifice size in the factory tee and the pressure
required to open the wastegate.  For me this was about 14psi on the
factory gauge.  I don't see how you can say that you have LESS boost
with the solenoid bypassed than with everything working correctly.
The solenoid cannot allow more boost than what's available with it
bypassed, it can only reduce the boost.

> Hey Carl, I guess I'm the exception. My 130K `84 has the factory setup
> and still works fine in both positions.

Cool, that makes two that I've heard of.