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[Svo] Boost Solenoid {4}

Carl Haines wrote:
> I bypassed my controller solenoid once on my 86 and the result was pegging
> the factory boost gauge and an overboost alarm.  So, I reconnected it.  I
> will leave alone till I feel like replacing the solenoid w/ an adjustable
> valve.  Apparently in my car the pressure bleed is restricted at the boost
> solenoid and not the tee.

Makes sense to me.  Rich Stark's 86 Tbird did the same thing when
we by passed his solenoid.  We had to make an adjustable restriction
on the bypass hose to control his boost (in the form of a hoseclamp).
This would imply that the computer can add as much boost as desired,
and there is no ~14psi mechanical limit like the early models.
Therefore, new code could include more boost...not that I think
that's a good idea or anything ;-).