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Re: [Svo] Boost Solenoid AND Bleed offs

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> I've only been around a few SVOs, but I've never seen an early model yet
> that the solenoid was working right on.  Mine never did, Chris Roth's
> 85 didn't either.  I don't know the answer, because I just bypassed it
> and never worried about it again.  I think your boost gauge might be
> off though (or else mine is).  Mine went to 13 or 14 as soon as I
> bypassed the solenoid.

In case anyone is curious of an easy way to run more boost and fully
retain the lower boost setting of the boost control soleniod.....
On the pinto, I used to have the early turbo coupe EEC on it, that had no
boost control, then I switched over to the Merkur stuff, but kept the same
turbo.  I simply got a barb fitting for my compressor inlet, and tee'd off
the line goin from the compressor housing to the wastegate.  Whats so
special about that you say? well, I used to think the same thing, and
noone beleived me that my car ran 18 psi stock, with no bleed off.  I
didn't understand it either, cuz everyone else said they only got 14-15
out of their cars.
Well, after messing with my actual merkur car, I see how the factory set
it up... That two way fitting in the elbow has a very small oriface in it.
Hence, a full size tee in the line was bleeding off more boost than the
factory tee/fitting.  So, if you dont want to go hog wild, and still want
to retain the 10 psi limit while the soleniod is shut, jus move the line
that goes to the soleniod from the fitting where it is now, and put it in
the largest tee you can fit into the line going to the wastegate.

Also, if you are thinking of doin this or running a bleed off, and you are
hooking up the tee, I found orientation does make a diff....
Most hook it up like this....

      Bleed off

When I did this with the merkur, I could only get an increase of a pound
or two, cuz the valve was a small one...After thingking a bit, i hooked it
up like this..

Intake-----------------Bleed off

Witht he air pressure pointing more towards the valve, more boost is bled
out of the line than the previous situation.  now the Merk runs 20-21 psi
with the valve only opened a few turns.  What I have jus shown may seem
obvious, but I never thought of it, so I figured maybe it may help someone

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