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Re: [Svo] SVO Redlines {1}

 Rev it until the rev limiter kicks in,I have done it for years while
autocrossing with no ill effects.
P.S. That was mostly on the 84 I did this.

At 04:55 PM 10/29/97 -0700, Carl Morris wrote:
>	I got a question for you guys, is there any good
>reason for the difference in redline between the early
>and late model motors, other than that there wasn't much
>point in revving the early one over 5K anyway, due to the
>cam?  The bottom ends were exactly the same, right?  I
>regularly go past redline in my 85 based on that reason,
>(to 6000 or so on the stock tach), and just wondered if
>there was anything I should know ;-).