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SVO: Just released !! Aftermarket EEC-IV manual for 2.3 Turbos!

Blatent plug for a good book...

TurboTekToys has been granted sole distributor-ship on the WWW for the
recently released book,

"The Complete Turbo 2.3L EEC - IV Handbook", by Allan Slocum.

You need a good resource library to be able to work on a Merkur XR4ti, an
SVO, or a Turbo Coupe. You especially need to know how to repair and
maintain the Electronic Engine Management system, EEC-IV, and it's related
Allan has put it all together in this EEC book.

Key Benefits
     KNOW what these sensors do, and how they signal the EEC about engine  
      operating conditions
     KNOW what the acronyms (ETC,ATC, EGR, etc.)stand for! 
     Extract the most possible power, thru maintaining your care in a
perfect state of         tune.
     Have all the pertinent facts necessary for swapping EECs between
different cars.

Dave Compton had this to say in the Forward;
Welcome to this, the ultimate EEC-IV informational source related to the
Turbo 2.3 engine!

You hold in your hands, the most complete collection of data regarding the
EEC-IV in 2.3 Turbo cars, outside of a very few individuals private
libraries! Many hours of research, testing, and just plain backyard
"tinkering", have led to the information contained in this manual.

The information presented here should give you a solid start, on the road
to modification and maintenance of your 2.3 Turbo.

Many people have previously searched out the data in this manual, and it
has taken significant effort. Nowhere was all this information available,
before, in one place, at such a reasonable cost, and in plain language
that's understandable. This manual is designed to jump start your knowledge
of our EEC-IV systems, and to save you the time and effort it took the
contributors to collect this knowledge.

Allan has put great effort into this project, with input from many internet
friends and 2.3 "gurus". Roland Zuk from the International Merkur Owner's
Network, Mike Fleming,the technical director for the SVO Owner's
Association, and several others, including myself.    I'm proud to be
associated with these people in such a worthwhile endevour, and I sincerely
hope you find the answers you're seeking, within these pages.

Description Aftermarket EEC-IV Manual
SKU # EEC-Book
Price $16 delivered by Priority Air Mail

Order from Website, below, or email to DCompton@JNPCS.COM

Turbo Tek Toys:  http://www.SmartWorx.com/TurboTekToys