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I sent this out before but never saw it show up so here it goes again.

I found out some info that I think all of you would like. The Koni adjuster
knobs are still available for our SVO's. I bought 2 new style and 2 old style
direct from ITT-Koni, one was around $4 and the other around $8 (dont
remember which was which,cant find receipt right now) You can also buy
hardware kits from them too. They will also rebuild your shocks and struts(I
know most of you already know this)and they even repaint them so they look
new inside and out. Price for fronts is $125 and rears are $85. There are no
dealer discounts on this stuff, we all get the same price. Call ITT-Koni at
606-586-4100 and ask for Jay at extension 12. Jay is the technical support
guy and has been very helpful to me, he will take time to look up anything
for you and answer any questions you might have. You can also order whatever
you want from him. Hope this helps all of you out there, I will pass along
any more helpful info I may find.

Bright red 86 (w/ previous owner optional white skid marks on top)

PS: Surgery went fine but extremely painful afterwards, I hope none of you
all ever have to go through this. Now for lots of surfing the web while