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where you been?

Hey dude it's Brett.  I was messing around on a friends computer and I
realized that we haven't talked for a while.  I have been looking over
your prices tonight and we have some thing to discuss.  Prices are
looking really good and I need to get those machines for the mortgage
company really soon because their office construction is about complete.
I have been dragging my feet on this so call me at home when possible. 
We just moved so you can reach me at new number 303-805-2018 or on
e-mail as always.  I have reviewed price sheets and prices for
unessesary items and I need to talk to you to see if my figures are
correct.  Call me and we'll see what we can work out.  I am home in the
mornings until 2:00 pm.

Thanks dude,
Brett Chevalier