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Re: SVO List

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> 	Just bored from lack of SVO mail, I assume the
> reason for which is yet another list server crash ;-).
> The last thing I saw was Dave's ad for the book that
> whover it was put together for the 2.3T.  I'll probably
> buy it, just for another resource.  We'll see what
> all the self proclaimed "gurus" came up with ;-).
> Any thoughts or humorous anecdotes?
Huh?  Book?  One of the "know it alls" from the list?
I will jus say also, jus becasue someone gets a book printed, doesnt mean
they know crap.  case in point, I was at Barnes and Noble looking at a
book on Bosch Fuel injection.  Looked like a decent Fleming style print,
and actually wasn't too stupid until I was reading a section on
performance.  He was talking about throttle bodies, and mentioned a TB
called the Weber Big throat..After mentioning it he had a disclaimer
becuase "the power output was incredible...a week later the customer
returned to the shop with 4 broken bellhousing bolts!"  I would be
embarrassed to write that.....

> On a non-Ford note, I fixed an oil leak, and changed the
> plugs and ran some injector cleaner through the old Legend
> we bought.  Really nice car to work on (spark plugs at least),
> and drive...

Blech..Hondas.....I think Joes theonly one who cares about those:)

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
	TO4 and big intercooler in the works!!! wooo hooo!!
->86 Escort......
->85 Merkur--Someone get this Escort of mine!