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Re: SVO: Just released !! Aftermarket EEC-IV manual for 2.3 Turbos!


Allan is a Merkur list member.

> Whats the address to send the check so i can get it for myself?  

The address can be found at the bottom of the Turbo Tek Toys home page. 
The url is in my sig line.  Money Orders please.

> Also, this is a real, binded published book rite? not a stack of Xerox
copies from Kinkos stapled togehter?  

It has a comb spine and acetate protective covers, front and rear.  It has
an ISBN #.  But it's not a math textbook :)

> How many pages?  

It looks to be about 42 pages. Heavy stock paper.

This book is a very good source of information.  I wrote the forward, and I
stand by what I said.  Some of it, some of you may already know.  One or
two of you may know it all. :) But just having it printed out in one place
is worth the cost, even if you do know it all :)

I value my copy, and I think others will, too.

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