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Moving to Boston I Totalled my 88 Cougar
& Uhaul trailer...Spun out cause the trailer 
just started fishtaillin after a simple lane change! Whoa nelly...ended
up in the fast lane 
(on RT 84 Stafford Springs, CT.) Almost facing
traffic! Didn`t hit anything...no damage...cept
car wouldn`t start!!! OH S**T  Here comes a 
GM byproduct CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news: Noone hurt, Fully Insured,
high book value on Cougar!!

Cop said accident was my fault cause I was 
Disabled in the road. HUH? Said The old guy couldn`t see me. HUH????
Can`t see a white
car towing a white & Orange trailer with ALL lights & flashers on???????  

Any advice on Ins Co., Police, Etc.? (off list).

A few ordered SVO parts were damaged.
Most people have been advised of the 
damaged parts situation.   

            Thanks for your patients!