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SVO: RE: Rear Caliper Rebuild

For anyone who is considering rebuilding the rear brakes, reconsider.

I like to think of myself as at least somewhat mechanically inclined, and I
still had a heck of a time attempting this job.  I had one caliper seized
on the right rear, and every ****-ing bolt seized, etc. etc.  Finally, out
of aggrevation, and a self-inflicted dent in the quarter panel, I gave up
and had the car towed to Ford.  Total cost in parts and supplies (including
rebuilt calipers, new pads, etc.) was $650.  This was right before Carlisle
1997, and was the reason why I couldn't even afford a TShirt from the show.
Bottom Line: You have to have extra-human ambition, and have many many
tools, IMHO.

You have been warned.