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Re: [Svo] Boost Solenoid {5}

Ric Gillis wrote:
> SO what is the correct way to install a bleeder valve.  On my car (87 XR),
> it had a hose from the pressurized side of the turbo to the wastegate and
> the boost solenoid connecting from the pres. side of the turbo to the input
> side of the turbo.

Sounds the same as the SVO/Tbirds.  It's always hard to talk about
this stuff, because it's hard to visualize what the other person is

> I have done it two ways
> 1) put a hose in place of the solenoid effectively connecting the pres. side
> to the input. Connected a bleeder T from the pres. side to the wastegate and
> vented to the atmosphere.

Effective, but unnecessary, plus you're losing metered air under
boost, and possibly sucking a little unmetered (and unfiltered!)
air back in during normal conditions.

> 2)capped off the pres. side where the boost solenoid was. Connected the
> outlet of the bleeder T to the input side of the turbo, with the bleeder the
> same as above.

Also effective, but unnecessary, because you're replacing what already
exists.  The hose through the solenoid is already a bypass, you don't
need another one.  All you need to do is control the flow through the
bypass rather than letting the computer do it, to set your own boost

> Is there another way or is #2 above the best. (well cheapest).

Your way sounds as cheap as any, but it's simpler to control the
flow through the existing bleeder rather than adding another one.
I don't know which style system your Merkur uses, but the early
SVO style won't boost higher than stock unless you drill out the
solenoid side of the tee a little.  Then for all cases, you put
a valve in place of the solenoid and adjust it until peak boost
is where you want it.