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RE: [Svo] Boost Solenoid AND Bleed offs

On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> So, if you are already running 20 -21psi boost why do you need a bigger
> turbo, the T04, and on the subject of turbos what is one of those worth
> in the good old U.S. of A.

I didn't think the boost would be that high frankly..I was shooting for
18, and cuz I am not actually driving the car yet as my driver, havent
bothered to turn it back down.
I would not be suprised if it was so inefficient now that it is not even
To an extent, the bigger the compressor, the more efficient it is at high
boost.  Im too lazy to get out a map of a stock compressor rite now, but I
would be willing to bet the stock compressor is most efficient around 14
psi, and thats for a stockmotor.  if you improve your motors ability to
breathe(higher revlimit, cam change, porting, etc), you start losing
efficiency in the turbo, becuase it has to supply a larger volume of air
to keep the same boost pressure.  Likewise, if you just raise the boost,
the efficiency will start to go down because the compressor has to pump
more air.  the size and shape of the impeller determines where it is gonna
run its best, and if you go above or below those limits efficiency goes
obviously, if your engine now breathes alot better AND you raise the
boost, your really gettin away from optimum efficency.  And the stock
compressors best efficiency is still not that good from the map I seen.

Depeneding on what your car is like, it may or may not be worth the hassle
to upgrade, the turbo.
Unless you have a very strong car, I probably wouldn't bother with a big
T4.  Some guys like the Super 60 trim also.  That is the Grand national
wheel.  The 2.3 has the second biggest T3 based compressor, and the
biggest is the GN.  so that is the next step.  If you want to go bigger
than that, and there is not anyone on this list that would need to, you
can get an S trim T4. The S trim is the smallest Turbonetics T4, and is
supposed to work pretty good..Joe ran one on his car before going to a
really big compressor that neither he or his turbo guy really hasa clue
what it is like.
joe said his local shop, Performance techniques, would build the S trim
T4s for I think it wsas 300 with a good stocker as a core. Compare that to
texas turbo wanting 500 for the GN turbo, or whatever ETS sells them for.  
performance techniques hasa webpage at:

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