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SVO: Rear Caliper Rebuild

On Tue, 04 Nov 1997 10:08:08 -0500 Brian Guild writes:
>For anyone who is considering rebuilding the rear brakes, reconsider.
>  . . .  I had one caliper seized on the right rear, and every bolt
>etc. etc.  Finally,  . . .  I gave up and had the car towed to Ford. 
>cost in parts and supplies (including rebuilt calipers, new pads, etc.) 
>was $650.  

Brian, I had a similar experience on my TC.  My cost was higher, but
included turning and new pads on the front disks and new disks,
calipers,etc. on the backs.  The manager even left his home number so he
could tell me personally how a new squeak turned into a $7xx+ bill.

The only good thing about me seeing your post is that now I don't feel as
bummed about the cost...at least I know it was in the ball park.


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