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Re: SVO: Ceramics

At 08:39 AM 04/11/97 -0500, Sly, Dennis wrote:
>Anyone ever heard of spraying ceramics on the head and exhaust manifold
>to keep the under hood temperature down. I was talking to a mechanic on
>the weekend that builds Turbo BMW race cars and he had just had this
>done. He also indicated  that it was a new idea?
>84 SVO, Silver

In several cases these coatings are good and help produce loads of power.
There is less heat lost to the piston, etc.  If anyone is contemplating
these coatings for inside the chaber be sure that you still have the
ability to cool the valves.  The hotter the burn the more heat that must be
pushed from the valves through the valve seat and into the head.  

I have yet to try any of these.

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