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Re: SVO:Rear Caliper Rebuild(the scoop on prices)

Alright, here is the deal on pricing of the SVO rear calipers:
Fact: The SVO and Lincoln Mark VII share the same rear calipers.

Ford: New calipers are still available and list at $426 for the right one and
$460 for the left one. OUCH! Now thats the list price, I have an account with
Ford that gets me 10% over cost so my cost for the Right one is $314 and $338
for the left one.Must be ordered, not a stocking item.

Ford also offers Remanufactured calipers with Run $232 each list price, my
cost is $198 each. The core charge is $32 each. Must be ordered, not a
stocking item.

Trak Auto: Trak offers the calipers Remanufactured with either a lifetime
warranty or 7/70. I believe its lifetime though(sorry forgot to ask). Anyway,
here is the good news. Price on the Trak unit is $52.69 each and the core
charge is steep at $50, so if you dont turn in your core, they will cost you
$102.69 but who needs to keep a worn out caliper on the bench anyway?Trak did
not have them in stock but said they could have them in 1 day.

Pep Boys: this is also a remanufactured unit and their price is $84.99 Each
and the core charge is $18 each. Pep boys had them in stock.

Now on the subject of Brakes, I found the cheapest place around for Rotors
for the SVO and Mark VII.The place is called Complete Brake Service Inc. and
they advertise in the back of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. You can get The
front rotors for $43.56 Each and the rear rotors for $37.50 each. These are
New rotors and are made overseas, some people are against these rotors but I
have bought 2 sets of rears and 1 front set and have had no trouble. If your
concours showing your car, then you may want originals, but for those of use
who drive our cars, you cant beat this deal!  Hope this helps some of you out
there, I figured I would research this since I cant work while recovering
anyway. So thanks for giving me something to do :-) lol.

Red 86 (with optional ugly white stripes)