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SVO: Miscelleny!!

Good folks,

Quite a few questions to be asked here and I hope I can get a lot of 
responses with different view-points....

1.  Do they sell a 16V head for the 2.3?  And if so, anyone have any     
experience with them?  Performance gains?  Interaction with the     

2.  Anyone ever run nitrous oxide in their 2.3?  Thoughts?

3.  If you were given the opportunity to get a 351W for very low cost,     
would you buy it and transplant it?  (For my TC)  I've seen this     
done on many cars and performance in incredible.  Also, the bigger     
engine is more versatile...ie...nitrous, supercharger ect..

4.  If I went and did this, obviously I would have a whole shit-load     
of parts to sell to you fine people.  I would actually have to gut     
the whole car as I would go with a carburated application so all     the 
electronics would be for sale also.  What would be a good rule     of 
thumb for selling the parts at a fair cost to you and me?

5.  Is the ABS computer in my TC separate from the main computer?      
meaning, if I drop in this 351, can I keep the ABS?  Or should I     
sell that too and just get huge rotors?

I know all you purists are gasping but hell, I've been a huge 2.3 
advocate for 10 years and 135,000 blissful miles but let's face it, I 
want more power...arrggh, arrgghh, arrgghh!!  I want the flexibility to 
do anything without worrying about whether or not it will work with the 
computer.  I want the capabilities that a 351 will give me.  The 351 
will bolt right into the car, same motor mounts and all (Such 
versatility this F body).  I don't have to get a new transmission, the 
T-5 can handle (Supposedly, we'll see :) over 350hp so it seems as I'm 
ready to make this transition.

When (if?) I partake in this little adventure, I will start advertising 
what I'm parting with.  If anyone wants stuff whole ie. the whole 
engine, let me know ahead of time.  I'm located in Columbus Ohio so 
fairly centrally located for pick-up or delivery.

The reason for this radical freight train of thought is a friend of mine 
had his 85 full size truck totalled and will sell the engine to me for 
$500 complete.  Actually, he said whatever I wanted to pull off.  And 
I've acquired a NOS Fogger set-up from my brother, so all seems to fall 
into place for a 350hp Turbo Coupe (I guess it wouldn't be turbo then 
huh?  Maybe in the future........

You would do it too wouldn't you?

Many thoughts would be appreciated, thanks in advance.



p.s. - Would a 351 fit in an XR?


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