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Re: SVO: Miscelleny!!

Christopher Babson wrote:

> 1.  Do they sell a 16V head for the 2.3?  And if so, anyone have any
> experience with them?  Performance gains?  Interaction with the
> computer?

Roush Racing Eng. Dept. (they did alot of research for Ford) had
developed a 16v version for the 87' year...which never came to be :( It
kinda looked like a Cosworth motor...very wicked looking to say the
least. It had a front mounted Spearco intercooler and a tubular exhaust
header. Supposely, it made 285hp. David LaRocque has a picture of the
engine (in a Canyon Red 86). Don't know what happened to the engine. I
also heard (thru rumor) that there was more than one built..:)

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R
85 SVO 4E