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Re: SVO: Miscelleny!!

To awnser you first question, yes there is a 4 valve head for the 2.3 but it might be expensive, there is just one in existence.  It was built by Roush for Ford back in 85/86 as a test piece.  Last time I checked Lee Clary had ownership of it.  You need a built a sheetmetal intake for it if he hasn't done so already.  Don't recall what cams would be used for it.  I also don't know if he'd sell it.

I have a 5.0 nitrous system on my SVO.  With a little work it performs well.  You can't run too much in nitrous without running it very rich.  The turbine heats up while you're making all that power and will actually turn the housing bright red.  My best configuration was placing the jet before the intercooler firing into it.  This REALLY increases the efficiency of the intercooler since it's now frozen inside.  Keep the jetting under 100hp and run it a little rich.  I also ran a purge solonoid with the outlet across the intercooler body.  It keeps the intercooler nice and cool while on the starting line.

I believe you can run the anti lock system seperatly because I've seen them transplanted from car to car.

If you switch to a 351 plan on spending as much money as you would on the 2.3 to go fast.  Heads, cam, intake/fuel, pistons, block & crank work, artificial aspiration, etc.  Ultimately the V8 will go faster but how fast is fast enough?  And then of couse you just have a 5.0 like everybody else in the world(even if it's a 5.8).

And the tranny may handle the horsepower but It'll never survive the torque.