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SVO: Miscellany!!

Christopher Babson <cmbabson@hotmail.com> writes:
>3.  If you were given the opportunity to get a 351W for very low cost, 
>would you buy it and transplant it?  (For my TC)  I've seen this     
>done on many cars and performance in incredible.  Also, the bigger     
>engine is more versatile...ie...nitrous, supercharger etc..

On behalf of Ford Motorsport, John Vermeersch responds to readers letters
in SUPER FORD.  The May 1997 issue had a question similar to this one
about an '88 TC.  'Since I received this magazine through the recent
courtesy of this list, I'll share Vermeersch's response from page 158:

"The Thunderbird Turbo Coupe can be upgraded to 5.0 or 5.8 V8 power using
 mostly factory components.  The 1987-1988 V8 Thunderbird engine mounts
will allow the physical fit of the engine to the chassis.  If your car is
equipped with a five-speed transmission you will need to upgrade to the
V8 version of the T-5, since the four-cylinder unit is geared incorrectly
and is substantially weaker.  The electronic ride control can be
maintained, but you will lose the full throttle automatic firm feature. 
Should you decide to go with an EFI system, you would be best off using
the Motorsport street rod package.  This will require some wiring skill,
as well as an electrical schematic.  The stock front springs can be used,
or you can retrofit V8 Springs, depending upon your desired ride height. 
The 5.0 is the easier fit and will accept the Mustang supercharger kit
with fewer modifications, but the 5.8 will still fit.

Send all 'Motorsport Factory Hotline' correspondence directly to:
John Vermeersch, Ford Motor Company SVO, 17000 Southfield Road, Allen
Park, MI  48101."

The same issue had an article on T-5s.  The authority for the article
was:  D&D Performance, 49676 Martin Drive, Wixom, MI  48393.  Voice: 
810/926-6220; Facsimile:  810/926-6222.