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SVO: Aligment Specs for 1988 TC ??

I have a 1988 TC which I switched over to 245-50-16 on stock rims they
are about 1" lower than stock. It use to handle fine but now that I
switched over to the new tires it will dart or wander over the ruts on
the hi way that the trucks made. It still drives straight. I was
thinking that the new tires have more grip and is now giving me a toe
out condition. Anyway what I'm looking for is a survey of what people
used for their alignment specs. I went to a shop and the person showed
me the specs for the 88 TC it called for 3/16 toe in and 3/4 caster
and camber unadjustable. What I'm looking for is good straight line
tracking and quick turning response. What I was thinking of doing was
putting in a little more toe (although the shop guy said that the
stock spec was "kinda high already) and a little more caster than
stock. Is this where I should be Going ?? 
The TC on stock tires use to push I don't think an alignment can
really help ( think a bigger sway bar is what I need here) but I would
take any suggestions. 

Floyd Holsinger