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Re: SVO: Aligment Specs for 1988 TC ??

On GMT corvetter@worldnet.att.net (Floyd) writes:
>I have a 1988 TC which I switched over to 245-50-16 on stock rims
> they are about 1" lower than stock.  . . .  now that I switched over to

>the new tires it will dart or wander over the ruts on the hi way . . .
>still drives straight. I was thinking that the new tires . . . 

Your tire line of thought may be the answer in and of itself.  What tire
did you use?  What is the tread pattern?

When the Falkens which were on the back of my TC when I got it went away
I replaced them with Goodyear Eagle Aquatreds.  When I rotated the Eagle
Aquatreds (with two very distinct groves) to the front the car behaved
just like you described.  When I put the Eagle Aquatreds back on the back
and the Kelley Chargers on the front the wiggle went away, never to
return.  When the Eagle Aquatreds wore down I put on another pair of
Kelly Chargers.  I continue to have no problems.


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