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Re: SVO: Aligment Specs for 1988 TC ??

On Fri, 7 Nov 97 14:55:14 +0000, you wrote:

>When the car is lowered, you must have to raise the steering rack.  If 
>you haven't do that, do so.  You just need a set of off-set rack 
>bushings (25 bucks for urethane, about 60 for solid aluminum).  Sounds 
>like you have "bump-steer" which is a classic sign of a lowered car that 
>didn't raise the rack...
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>> Subject: SVO:  Aligment Specs for 1988 TC ??
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>> I have a 1988 TC which I switched over to 245-50-16 on stock rims they
>> are about 1" lower than stock. It use to handle fine but now that I
>> switched over to the new tires it will dart or wander over the ruts on
>> the hi way that the trucks made. It still drives straight. I was

Thanks for responding so quick!  I sort of thought it had to do with
the lowered tires but it didn't feel like bump-steer but another
poster described it and it sounds like it. Do you know where I can get
the off set bushings? Is their much difference in the solid bushings
(sound and road bump feel) compared to the poly bushings.

Floyd Holsinger