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SVO: Car Craft comments

        Hey Everyone,
  Did anyone happen to get the December `97 issue of Car Craft yet?  They
have an interesting piece on page 17.  It is the Hemmings Motor News
Collector Car Buys.  It is a list of 10 cars that are still fairly cheap,
but gaining value and could be collectable in their opinion.  But of course,
this is not an informative piece, it is there so the editors of Car Craft
can bash these valuable non-Camaro, non-BBC cars that can do more than go
  The 10th car on the list is the "84-86 Mustang SVO Turbo Coupes".  Car
Craft's editor comment was "Save yourself the hassle and just buy a 5.0".
  OOOPS, did I just start something :)  If anyone is interested in replying
to this public insult, their E-mail address is  carcraft@petersonpub.com
with a subject line of "readers letters".  I will be sending a "polite"
letter of disgust to these people.  Anyone else want to drop them a line?

BTW-  Hemmings apparently has a 0-mile `85 SVO in it for $18,000 if anyone
is interested.