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Re: SVO: Car Craft comments

Chris Costanzo wrote:

>   The 10th car on the list is the "84-86 Mustang SVO Turbo Coupes".  Car
> Craft's editor comment was "Save yourself the hassle and just buy a 5.0".
>   OOOPS, did I just start something :)  If anyone is interested in replying
> to this public insult, their E-mail address is  carcraft@petersonpub.com
> with a subject line of "readers letters".  I will be sending a "polite"
> letter of disgust to these people.  Anyone else want to drop them a line?

I have no hope for ever educating the idiots, or the magazines (likely
redundancy there).  The only place people listen to you is at the strip,
right after they see you smoke someone they never thought you could beat,
usually themselves.