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Re: SVO: Miscelleny!!

In a message dated 97-11-07 09:29:14 EST, rumoving@bellsouth.net writes:

 Roush Racing Eng. Dept. (they did alot of research for Ford) had
 developed a 16v version for the 87' year...which never came to be :( It
 kinda looked like a Cosworth motor...very wicked looking to say the
 least. It had a front mounted Spearco intercooler and a tubular exhaust
 header. Supposely, it made 285hp. David LaRocque has a picture of the
 engine (in a Canyon Red 86). Don't know what happened to the engine. I
 also heard (thru rumor) that there was more than one built..:)
 Bud Morton
 86 SVO 2R
 85 SVO 4E
In fact, 3 of these engines were built. One is rumored to still be under lock
and key at ford, one was blownup and destroyed and the other made its way
into the hands of one of our list members a few years back. I have seen the
head and its impressive, he is going to try to make the setup work in the
future but we all know it takes time and money. 

red 86 (The striped one)