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SVO: RE: Miscelleny!!

1.  Do they sell a 16V head for the 2.3?  And if so, anyone have any     
experience with them?  Performance gains?  Interaction with the     

For the record,

	Paul is right. There were three of these pieces made under the program. Roush 
worked on a different program, but his was more for his racing effort (2.3l 
GTU XR4ti) than for use in Ford's passenger car line. One of the heads 
appeared on a mid-engine prototype in 1987. That car was on the cover of Car 
and Driver in about the June or July Issue, But I have long since lost it. On 
one of the "test" runs with an editor, the cam belt broke and preceded to 
increase the weight of the oil pan with pieces of the pistons. The head and 
the motor were destroyed. The car boasted 285 HP and a redline of 8000 RPM. If 
I recall that was on 10 Lbs of boost and no intercooler due to the constraints 
of the body it was in. 

	The piece that found it's way into our hands (It helps to have friends in low 
places) was head number 2. After spending several years with the engine 
development group, it was transferred to the truck group for testing. They 
created a bastardized intake and changed the valve configuration to uneven 
intake ports. 

	The third head is in Detroit, at the engineering development shop locked away 
with all of the other "really neat sh*t" that Ford made but never produced. 
Conversations with several of the engineer's of the program lead us to believe 
that the head worked very well until the truck group mucked with it and 
screwed up the port configuration. With any luck we'll have it back the way it 
belongs some day in the future. 

	The way the story was told to Lee and I, After spending time with the truck 
group, It was packed in a crate and sent by carrier back to ford HQ to be 
destroyed. Some where along he way it was intercepted (remember that friend in 
a low place). With a phone call and 3000 miles of driving, it's now packed 
safely away waiting for Lee or I to hit the lottery.

	The head is made up of 3 major components. The combustion and valve train, 
which is a zakspeed piece from the early '80's (remember the Mustang GTP) the 
cam carrier, which is an amazing feat of workmanship, Hand made out of a 
single billet. and the cam cover. Another feat of machining. I'll try to go 
through my pictures and scan them in. Maybe if Dave's a nice guy he'll post 
them on his web.

	Now some one help me down off the soap box, I'm getting dizzy up here. Weber 
has left the building.