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Re: SVO: RE: Miscelleny!!

Eric Weber wrote:

Paul is right. There were three of these pieces made under the program.
> worked on a different program, but his was more for his racing effort (2.3l
> GTU XR4ti) than for use in Ford's passenger car line. One of the heads
> appeared on a mid-engine prototype in 1987. That car was on the cover of Car
> and Driver in about the June or July Issue,

The photo (blown up to poster size) I've seen, which is owned by David
LaRocque (SVOOA Chairman) is of a 86 Canyon Red SVO with a 16V DOHC 2.3
liter motor...not a mid engine car (maybe we're talking about two
different engines here). According to LaRocque, this one was developed
by Roush. It had and intercooler plumb much like the way Lee has on his
Evolution Car. Maybe I could get LaRocque to scan this pic also...

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R
85 SVO 4E