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Re: 86 SVO Rear Interchange

>Will the entire rear housing out of an automatic 88 Turbo Coupe (3.73's ,
8.8) >work in an 86 SVO without too much modification.  I imagine that I
would need >to swap the axles (5 lug) but is the housing the same width??
And will the >brakes (less rotors) from the TC work??  I've got a lead on a
wrecked 88 TC and >I need a little more info before making an offer.  Thanks.

        It is a bolt in, but you must use your brakes and axles.  Sell the
TC brakes (minus axles) to a 5.0 guy that wants rear discs, or with axles to
someone on the TC list that has an older TC and wants rear discs.  Make sure
you use your hard lines for the brakes too.  Good luck
                                                        Bug Bug