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Re: SVO: Aligment Specs for 1988 TC ??

On Fri, 7 Nov 97 17:38:18 +0000, you wrote:

> Did you put lowering springs on the car also?? The smaller diameter
>tires will not cause bump steer problem by themselves. The relative
>position of the suspension geometry would not change. My brother shows
>up on 245/45-17" tire in his Cobra 'stang, then changes to 23.5"
>diameter slicks for auto-x.
> MY street tires 225/60-15 all seasons are quite spongy compared to my
>BFG R1 245-50-15 race tires, these tires exhibit the same problem as you
>discribe, caused by the increased stiffness in the sidewall. 
>	If you did install lowering springs the offset rack bushings are
>availible from Chuck at Maximum Motorsports or other vendors in any of
>the late Mustang mags.
>	Mike Guard
>	Cincy Region SCCA CP champ

No I didn't lower the springs I just got lower profile Tires. You know
I was thinking about that in my sleep and could not figure out how the
tie rods could change angles when the center line (hub/rim/bolts)
stayed the same. I was thinking if you sat the car on only the rims
the angle would be the same. The only way I thought you could change
it was to play with the springs, mounts, or the sprung/unsprung
weight. which I didn't. Maybe my bushings are soft and with the newer
tires and more grip it's noticed more. Well anyway in 3 hours I'm
having my car aligned and then I'll take it from their. To be

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>> >When the car is lowered, you must have to raise the steering rack.
>> If 
>> >you haven't do that, do so.  You just need a set of off-set rack 
>> >bushings (25 bucks for urethane, about 60 for solid aluminum).
>> Sounds 
>> >like you have "bump-steer" which is a classic sign of a lowered car
>> that 
>> >didn't raise the rack...
>> >
>> >--kenny
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>> >> I have a 1988 TC which I switched over to 245-50-16 on stock rims
>> they
>> >> are about 1" lower than stock. It use to handle fine but now that I
>> >> switched over to the new tires it will dart or wander over the ruts
>> on
>> >> the hi way that the trucks made. It still drives straight. I was
>> Thanks for responding so quick!  I sort of thought it had to do with
>> the lowered tires but it didn't feel like bump-steer but another
>> poster described it and it sounds like it. Do you know where I can get
>> the off set bushings? Is their much difference in the solid bushings
>> (sound and road bump feel) compared to the poly bushings.
>> Floyd Holsinger
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