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SVO: RE: 16V Head


	It boils down to money, Designing a 16v head that can be placed into 
production is a multi-million dollar venture. If you stand in the shoes of 
FoMoCo. There is no logical reason to build a high performance aftermarket 
head for an engine that is no longer produced (2.3 Turbo). As I recall, (and 
Lee may correct me on this) The project where our piece of history came from 
had well over a $100,000 budget. That was just for development of 3 heads that 
never made it to production. If you really want a 16v head in a SVO you may 
want to consider going to England and getting a 2.0L cosworth motor. If that 
don't float your boat, the point is pretty much moot.


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Who can we push in the right direction to make this a reality?  Any 
racing shops interested in this endeavor?  time to write a note to SVT 
and see what their excuse is...



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