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Re: SVO leather seats

E & G Classics phone number is:

(410) 381-4900...ask for Lee Clary

They have 2 styles of covers...with or without the piping 

In case you're unsure what you have or need....(I bought the
FN-L-105/85.5-86 w/o piping).

84 year...and I've seen quite a few 85s with it also...has a hard
plastic piping along the outer edge of the seat, 85 (some do), 85.5 & 86
don't. Most times, it's rubbed/torn off over the years...just on the
side-bolster where you enter/exit the car...86's will suffer the same
rubbing affect if you're not careful about getting in the car. Basicly,
if you have some worn SVO seats..then you know what I'm refering to.

or..you can visit them on the web:

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R
85 SVO 4E