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SVO: Readers Letters

        Hey guys,
  Here's my letter:

        To Whomever it may concern,
  I hope you like the flavor of "Sole", because on page 17 of your December
`97 issue, you stuck your foot so far in your mouth, you can probobly taste
what you stepped in when you were 10.  Refering to the comment you made
about the SVO Mustang of course.  For one, the SVO Mustang and the Turbo
Coupe are two different cars.  One is a Stang, the other is a Thunderbird.
But since neither have big block Chevy, you probobly didn't know that.
Second, "Save yourself the hassle and just buy a 5.0"?  Why?  So you can be
just another little punk with a 5.0 and a blower?  SVO's can outhandle,
outrun, outbrake,and overall outperform a 5.0 when both are in stock form.
Sure, it might not win in a straight line everytime, but if it weren't for
turns, we would all live on the same street.  With minor modifications, the
SVO can burn up the strip too.  I happen to belong to a Net-group of over
100 SVO and Turbo coupe owners who all like to modify their cars to show up
"ignorant" people like yourselves who think "if it doesn't have a big block,
it's not fast".  There are also two other groups  The Turbo Coupe owners
list and the Merkur list (mostly XR4Ti owners).  All these 2.3L turbo cars
are very respectable performers that are intended for all around
performance, not just a 1/4 mile at a time.
  I have always felt that your magazine should be re-named "Chevy Craft" as
you have ALWAYS been biased toward Chevy's and other GM's.  However, in the
last year or so, you finally got the hint and started doing some Ford stuff.
This is why I finally subscribed.  Well, it will soon be time for renewal,
and the check is NOT in the mail.  You seem to have reverted back to your
ways of ignorance.
  The SVO Mustang is a "different" kind of machine.  It is a drivers car,
not a kids toy.  I have always been a Ford guy, but lately, the 5.0 are
getting on my nerves.  5.0's are like belly buttons anymore, everyone has
them.  They are so common anymore, you have to do something totally radical
to them to get noticed.  However, they are still better than Camaro's.
Camaro's are like ***holes, everyone has one, but they all stink.
  It's a great feeling to race a 5.0 or an Iroc and spank them in my Turbo
Coupe.  The look on their face when I pop the hood to show them a four
cylinder is reward enough (but money is a nice bonus too).  Sure, they are
not the fastest dog on the porch, but try to catch one around town.  It
ain't happening dude!
                                                Bug Bug
                                        (aka) Chris Costanzo
                                                King of Prussia  PA 

Proud owner of: `84 Turbo Coupe (modified)
                `86 Ford EXP (highly modified street racer)
                `79 Pinto wagon (2.3L turbo drag car)
                `7* Pinto coupe (2.3L turbo road race car in progress)