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SVO: Fw: Car Craft comments

My comments are below the threaded message.

> From: Chris Costanzo <BugBug@net-thing.net>
> To: Multiple recipients of list SVO <SVO@SMARTWORX.COM>
> Subject: SVO:  Car Craft comments
> Date: Friday, November 07, 1997 12:49 PM
>         Hey Everyone,
>   Did anyone happen to get the December `97 issue of Car Craft yet?  They
> have an interesting piece on page 17.  It is the Hemmings Motor News
> Collector Car Buys.  It is a list of 10 cars that are still fairly cheap,
> but gaining value and could be collectable in their opinion.  But of
> this is not an informative piece, it is there so the editors of Car Craft
> can bash these valuable non-Camaro, non-BBC cars that can do more than go
> straight.
>   The 10th car on the list is the "84-86 Mustang SVO Turbo Coupes".  Car
> Craft's editor comment was "Save yourself the hassle and just buy a 5.0".
>   OOOPS, did I just start something :)  If anyone is interested in
> to this public insult, their E-mail address is  carcraft@petersonpub.com
> with a subject line of "readers letters".  I will be sending a "polite"
> letter of disgust to these people.  Anyone else want to drop them a line?
> BTW-  Hemmings apparently has a 0-mile `85 SVO in it for $18,000 if
> is interested.

Chris, my reply may not be polite...

I'll save myself the trouble of buying your Chevy biased rag, as I have for
the last 10 years.

Interest in 2.3s is heating up.

There are over 125 members on my SVO mailing list.

There are over 50 on my Turbo Coupe mailing list.

There are over 400 members on the Merkur mailing list.

There will soon be a unified Ford 2.3 Owner's club.

Not a good idea to offend us and our vendors.

You guys sound like Turbo magazine

I've had 5.0s.  To scoot, you need to REPLACE the;

PISTONS for gosh sakes! (after 88)
fuel system

to make 5.0s fun to turn and stop, you need to REPLACE the;

brake calipers front and rear
master cyl

The 2.3 requires minor hot rod work on the engine, WITHOUT replacement of
the majority of the engine, to similarly scoot.

SVOs came with all the stuff, that you put on your wish list for your
average 5.0.

My admittedly weak 84 SVO runs 14.95s.  Tell that to your 96 GT owners...

You wanna see a cool 2.3?
Look up Joe Morgan's 10 second 2.3 Pinto in Corona CA.

See you at the track next year!

owner of;
3 XR4tis
and the Hot Rod Lincoln Continental.

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