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Re: 86 SVO Rear Interchange

> Will the entire rear housing out of an automatic 88 Turbo Coupe (3.73's ,
> 8.8) work
> in an 86 SVO without too much modification.  I imagine that I would need
> swap
> the axles (5 lug) but is the housing the same width??  And will the
> (less rotors) from the TC work??  I've got a lead on a wrecked 88 TC and
> need a little more info before making an offer.  Thanks.

I did this, so I know...

The housing fits fine, but the quad shock brackets are wrong and will need
to re reweled to work on an SVO.  USe the SVO's brakes and axles.  The
brakes are WAY bigger on an SVO.

I eventually just stuck my 87 GT rear end in my SVO.

Strangely enough, the TC rears are usually selling for much less than GT
rears.  Go figure.

Still got one in my driveway if anybody wants it.  $200.

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